Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just an anonymous blog

I've been reading other people's blogs about having diabetes for a little while now and thought I'd join in, albeit anonymously. I don't care to have any of my friend, family or co-workers read this, because it's really just a way for me to vent and ask questions from other diabetics.

On April 27th, 2004 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and taken directly to the emergency room of our local hospital. My blood sugar was over 500 (which ment nothing to me at the time) and I later found out my A1c was about 13%. About a month before going to the hospital I went to a clinic and they diagnosed me with a 'stomach lining disorder'. A week later I went back and they diagnosed me with a sinus infection. Finally my boss sent me to her doctor and they immediately took a blood sample to test. I imagine the woman suspected right away that I was a diabetic since I had all the signs (so thirsty!). I had lost about 30 pounds and while in the hospital gained some back just from rehydration. At the hospital they started me on Humolog & a longer acting insulin (I have forgotten the name since I only used it for a couple days). I got out of the hospital with only a vague idea of when to take my insulin, how much to take etc. Two days later I got into a doctor who was a type 1 himself and learned much more in an hour that I had learned in the two days at the hospital. Along with putting me on Lantus, he sent me to a diabetes educator and both set me on the path to getting a pump asap. By early June of last year I was on my pump and back to normal. I was 23 at the time.

My one year healthy anniversary is tomorrow. My A1c is 5.6 as of two months ago. I'm still on my pump and have had no problems with it. My nails are back to normal and my hair is steadily getting thicker, back to normal. About three months after being diagnosed my hair started to fall out and my nails started to flake and crack. This is what happens to people with anorexia/bulimia, or apparently to people with diabetes that goes unchecked for too long.

I now live in a large city in the midwest closer to my family (I actually live with my 27 year old brother and a friend of his from college). I have a great job (with great health coverage). I don't have any body issues with my pump, but haven't dated anyone seriously since being diagnosed.

I guess I'm starting this blog so I can correspond with other diabetic blogers and tell my own story, as boring as it may be. In thinking of a name I thought of two things: my friend's mother, upon hearing I was a diabetic, exclaimed "She's got the sugar!" which I still think is kind of funny. I also have an aquantance who is a type one and always says she's got "the 'betes" with a shrug of the shoulders. I'm 24, have a great social life, great job, great family, and hey, I got the 'betes.


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