Wednesday, May 04, 2005


For those of you interested in that cookie recipe, I'll post it tomorrow (if I manage to remember to copy it out of the book tonight!). I do know that each cookie is about 15 carbohydrates.

Today I have an appointment to go see my endocrinologist. This will be my second visit with him since moving to this city. He's a very friendly guy and seems to care about my health. I have no complaints, but then again since moving here I haven't had any sort of major diabetic related problems (which is good!).

After first being diagnosed, the hospital doctor recommended the only type 1 diabetic doctor in town. I lived in a small town before I moved here and there was no endocrinologist there, so a type 1 doctor was the best to be found. Luckily he was wonderful. He was the most energetic person I'd ever met, let alone a type 1. I walked into his office the first time and he jumped right into telling me how "everything will be just fine. A few months from now you'll look back and think about how worried you were right now, and then you'll think about how 'normal' your life is again." My doctor was an amazing athlete. Normal for him was hiking up our 12,000 foot mountain (our town was at 7,000 feet) and skiing down it.

Well, if he could do that then I could certainly start jogging again. I started jogging only a month after being diagnosed. It was hard to get that balance of having a high enough blood sugar ahead of time and letting it drop just the certain amount. I've got it about right now, but I still always jog with some glucose tabs handy.

Anyway, I find that I'm eager to go to the doctor today. I like to have the updates every three months on what my a1c is. Last time I was very surprised to find out that it was so good. Hopefully the good news will keep coming.


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