Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fabulous numbers

So it's only been since Monday morning that I've been eating in the 'south beach' way. (I hate using the word diet. ) I haven't weighed myself, and I don't care too terribly much. But what I have noticed is that my blood sugars are fabulous. I haven't gone over 135, but most importantly I haven't gone below 75. My random, afternoon lows that I get if I don't eat something around 3:30 have not happened. It's almost ridiculous how inline I have been. I haven't been strictly following the phase 1 or phase 2. It's kind of a mix. I still have some fruit and a bit of whole grains, but I'm surprised by how full I am after my lunch of veggies and hummus. Anyway, my level blood sugar was something I wasn't quite expecting, or wasn't expecting to this extreme. But I don't mind!

I was reading some interesting things on the Joslin site yesterday. I wanted to find out how likely it is that my siblings could get diagnosed with type 1, or my nephew, or my children(if and when I have any!). My two sisters and one brother have a 1 in 10 chance, since they have the same genes that I do. I found out that women are less likely to pass type 1 on to their children than men. More specifically : "On the other hand, if the mother has type 1 and is age 25 or younger when the child is born, the risk is reduced to 1 in 25 (4 percent) and if the mother is over age 25, the risk drops to 1 in 100 — virtually the same as the average American." I sent this information on to my parents and, of course, my mom's reply was "So glad to hear that a “future-prospective-grandchild” has such good odds." She's so cute when she's not driving me crazy. :)

Well, it's raining outside, which means the kickball team I play on that has games on Wednesday night will probably be cancelled. This means everyone will end up just meeting at the bar we go to. I'll have to start convincing myself now that I really don't want to order the $1.50 special of a hamburger and french fries. mmm. French Fries... (ps. yes, I am 24 and play on an adult kickball team! It's so much fun attempting to throw and kick a big, bouncy red rubber ball!)


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

I'm curious to see how your numbers play out in the coming weeks while you're following South Beach. OK, as of today, I will follow it again, and starting from Phase 1. I have a Coke habit that I need to kick (Coca-Cola).

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Tekakwitha said...


I'll keep you posted about my numbers!

As far as pop goes, I missed it for awhile after being diagnosed, but now I hardly think about it. I don't use it to help bring up a low because I'm afraid I'll remember how GOOD it tastes and start craving it again!

Good luck!

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