Thursday, February 23, 2006

Marathon Shmarathon!

A few posts back I mentioned some high morning blood sugars. I’ve tested and made corrections to my basal over and over and still, two hours after my normal breakfast, was too high. Finally today, two hours after eating, I was low! Not something I’m normally excited about, but today I was somewhat happy to see a 66 instead of a 200.

I believe the highs have been due to some sinus problems I’ve been having. Actually, for the past 9 months or so I have had major sinus issues. Went to one Ear Nose and Throat specialist 3 times and nothing changed. I finally went into get a CT scan this January and I was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis. I found a new ENT specialist who I’ve met with once and will meet with again on Monday, after he’s had time to review all my medical history and scans. Hopefully things will turn around shortly. In the mean time, I am just listening to the constant ringing in my ears, accompanied by the popping when I open my mouth, the headache and the bobble head feeling.

I also must admit that I’ve been lurking lately. Sometimes I just don’t have much to say about diabetes. But watching some of you jump on the exercise bandwagon, I can’t help but get pulled back in. I’ve been slacking a little (okay, a lot) the past three weeks.

While I don’t think the ‘exercise everyday’ routine would work for me (some days I am at one of my works for 16 hours), I do have a goal of 4 times a week. I also want to sign up to run a 5k at the end of April. I know that I could go out and run 3 + miles right now, if I wanted to, but having this goal with give me that competitive nudge that I need to make me just go to the gym.

I mentioned the 5k to the boy and he replied with an email about how, eventually, I’ll get sucked into an 8k, then a 10k. Then, when I know I can do that, I’ll want to run a 10 mile race, and from there it’s on to a half marathon. And, of course, who runs a half marathon and then doesn’t run a full marathon?! So he’s got me running (in his mind) the Chicago marathon next year. I laughed and laughed and laughed! He’s run 6 marathons and is signed up for the Chicago marathon this year. I’ll leave that up to him.


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