Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The great thing about this machine is that I can easily test my basal rates. My doctor told me to test for all times of day: night, morning, day time, dinner time. So, yesterday I fasted from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am this morning. Working at my part time job last night, smelling the fried chicken and apple pie that was made... Oooh. That was hard. I took a piece of pie home and will eat it tonight. I'll even tell my doctor that I really wanted to KNOW what happens when I eat pie! Anyway, I made it through my fasting and my blood sugars were fabulous.

Today I'm skipping lunch. So far, so good, but it's only 12:25. I ate breakfast at 6:30. I'll eat a snack before the gym around 5:30. Tomorrow I'll skip dinner (breaking fast around 10 at night) and Friday no breakfast.

I also have to eat meals with exact carbohydrate counts to make sure my bolus rates are correct. Basically, I'm doing a lot of things I normally WOULDN'T do, but it seems necessary. I'll still get a few of my normal meals in there to get an idea of what my blood sugar does during those times (um, dark chocolate anyone?).

Julia, you asked why I would only wear this for 6 days. What happened is that I went to my endocrinologist at my last appointment 3 months ago and mentioned that I was interested in wearing the older constant glucose monitors. I don't know much about these except that you can't check your blood sugar in real time, you only down load it at a later date and look back at it. Anyway, my doctor mentioned that he had a Guardian and that I could use that. My main goal was to see what my blood sugar was doing during all times of the day, eating different foods, during different activities etc. It just happened that I got to use this brand new technology. Brand new EXPENSIVE technology that my insurance won't cover. So that is why I'm only wearing this for 6 days, because it's my doctors and I can't afford one of my own.

That said, if someone gave me one today with free supplies, I'd make use of it, if not wear it everyday. It's still pretty big and cumbersome (for me anyway).

I'm going to go think about what I'll eat for dinner now... besides that pie. :)


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