Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Tipping Point

I feel like I reach a tipping point with my diabetes management every once in a while. I'll be going along fine, not thinking about it too much, but just enough, and then something happens and all the sudden every blood sugar over 200 shows my complete and utter failure at carb counting. Ever low shows my recklessness. And every roller coaster day leaves me grumpy and pissed off and amazed that I ever have a blood sugar that's in range for more than, oh, a minute or two.

I'm at that point right now. It may be due to my new and improved excel sheet. I've entered all my lab reports, all my insurance claims, all my hospital bills and I'm starting to enter all my highs/lows with the date and time so that I can more accurately see when my basal or bolus rates may need adjusting. And oh man, that never makes you feel good about your management. Seeing all those too big or too small numbers, all smashed together.

Add in that on Thursday night I went out for Thai food with the boy, ordered cashew chicken and said "this tastes much sweeter than any cashew chicken I've had before, do you think so?" He said yes but cautioned me to not over bolus since we didn't actually know how sweet it was. I could always correct later. And boy howdy did I. After a heated argument about where some plastic bins of clothes should be placed (about 2 hours after eating) I checked my blood sugar. It sucks to have to say "sorry, I really don't care where you put those, but my high blood sugar must REALLLLY hate where YOU want to put them..." So I corrected and crossed off 'cashew chicken' on the take out menu we brought home. Who wants sweet cashew chicken anyway?


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Tek,

Yeah, I hear you.

Usually when I reach a tipping point, I go through a time of down and blues, being pissed about things. That part, I think, is necessary.

But then I get through that, realizing that nothing productive is happening. The next phase is a re-growth, or a maturation of sorts. I am able to use the emotions that I experienced to give me a boost to that next little step of better control.

It's a bumpy process, and at times very uncomfortable - but I do recognize that I am making progress. Kind of like a "2 steps forward, 1 step back". I'm still that one important step ahead - it just takes a bit longer to get where I'm going.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger art-sweet said...

Oh those days. Those days when Nothing Goes Right with the Blood Sugar.

Usually I get my period two days later, but I don't realize that's going to happen until I've put on my favorite pants and it's too late.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Hear ya loud & clear. I'm crawling back on my logging wagon after having fallen off the last few weeks.

And although poor numbers in your excel file make you feel like shit at times, they can also be empowering. You now have some clues as to what needs to be tweeked.

Being organized certainly helps. I hope you find those rough spots and iron them out.


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