Friday, May 13, 2005

An off topic Friday post

There are just so many things happening in my life that sometimes days pass and I don't think about my diabetes too much. I do the basics: check the blood sugar, exercise, bolus etc. But it sometimes just blends right into my regular life and I almost forget about it.

This past week I had several things happen that are keeping my mind busy. I spoke to an old high school friend that I'm close with. Her husband is a police officer and is now fully trained as a sniper. Yes, he will get called out to perch on rooftops with his sniper gun aimed precisely. I know both her and her husband well, since we were children, and this terrifies me. I can't imagine how she feels.

I found out yesterday that my boss will be hiring a new employee in our department. I share a room with my boss, but it has three desks. So soon we'll have one more person. Oh how I wish I could sit in on the interviews and judge them based purely on personality! I sound awful, but I will have to deal with this person everyday so I'm crossing my fingers that my boss hires someone I will be able to tolerate. And it's exciting, because maybe I'll really like and enjoy their company. I'm crossing my fingers.

My brother's good friend from college just got engaged last night. Now his two closest friends are or will soon be married. My brother has been dating his girlfriend over about 1.5 years. Will this lead him to think about marriage? Is he already thinking about it? Will he end up moving in with his girlfriend soon? I enjoy living with my brother and having him in the city. He's a great friend too me and while I like his girlfriend, I know how much things will change once he moves out/gets engaged/gets married.

And to bring this all down to a trivial level, I'm excited about going to a party this weekend. I know that a really cute guy, who I have only spoken with briefly a couple times, will be there. I haven't been interested in anyone for months now, so it's exciting to think about. Will we having anything to talk about? Is he even remotely interested in me? Do I have any cute clothes to wear? Will he notice my pump? How on earth does one bring up their diabetes in a new relationship? Will I end up going into my explaining mode and ruin any chemistry? And then I think that if someone is turned off by my diabetes, I certainly will loose any interest in that person. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Will he even remember my name?


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At 8:31 PM, Blogger Kerri. said...

So how did it go??

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Tekakwitha said...

Kerri - He didn't show! But I'll see him tonight at our kickball game. Wish me luck!


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