Thursday, May 04, 2006


I've been so busy for the past few weeks. Months? It's a fun busy though, so I don't mind.

Update on The Bill. I talked to my insurance (*ppbbtt*!). And then I talked to my doctor and CDE and *thank goodness* I'm not going to get that bill. They're going to hassle my insurance company for me and if that fails, she's going to honor the price she told me (cheap). I hope I never have to find a new doctor and CDE.

In other news, my first 5k was a failure. At 7:00 a.m. last Sunday I was standing at the front window with my brother, who was planning on running with me, watching it rain. We saw a man walking on the sidewalk wearing running shoes and a plastic bag over himself (makeshift rain coat!). He was walking to the race! We should go too and brave the rain! Then we SAW HIM TURN AROUND AND WALK BACK! We decided against it. Another day. Another time.

Things I'm looking forward to:

- Minneapolis this weekend (and always, August, when he moves to Chicago)
- Trip to cabins in Iowa to spend a weekend with my family (Mom, Dad, Older sister & her husband and son, younger sister, older brother and his girlfriend and my guy and me). That's next weekend.
- Summer. Pools. Amusement parks. Picnics. Bocce ball. White wine in my back yard on a lovely afternoon while reading and watching my tomatoes grow.
- Did I mention August?

Back to work.

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