Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Posting Just to Post

* Christmas is right around the corner. All my gifts are purchased and I have successfully stayed within my modest budget. My family keeps growing (boyfriends/girlfriends and kids) that is soon going to be time to picking names to buy ONE person a gift, not everyone.

* The boy is coming home with me for the holidays. He's looking forward to it, which I think is cute and possibly a lie. But a lie I'm willing to pretend to believe.

* I have four people (two couples) staying in my apartment for two days around New Years. That's not including my roommates and their possible guests. In years past, our apartment has been known as the flop house. A nice, clean flophouse, but a flophouse none the less. It's going to be crowded.

* I still have diabetes. My blood sugar still fluctuates. I still get annoyed with it sometimes. I still just continue to maintain. I have an endocrinologist appointment on January 3rd, which will be fun right after the holidays.

* I start my first class for grad school on January 3rd. It's barely crossed my mind.

* My sister is pregnant with her second baby and due February 28th. I'm planning a baby shower for late January. I'm not great with planning these sorts of things, but the invitations are out.

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