Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I've been so busy this past week! I was at camp on Wednesday and realized how much I enjoy being outside doing physical labor. I shoveled mulch, water proofed a dock, and tilled a big garden. I also ate the best meals, let alone camp meals. Everything was homemade and laden with everything I shouldn't be eating. When the director told me how much butter was in the mashed potatoes (ooo, that's not really a part of the south beach diet is it?!) I just laughed and said "well, it's good I don't eat like this everyday!" On the drive back into the city that night I started to realize how hard I'd worked... I ached for several days. Who knew about those forearm muscles!

I also went home this weekend and stayed with my sister. I got to wake up at 6:30 every morning to the sounds of my nephew, Sage, happily running through the house. I bought him a tray of brightly colored blocks (I remember playing with blocks just like them as a kid) to play with. He liked it when I stacked them up and he could kick them down and yell 'ka-boom!' I think I took about 50 pictures of him this weekend.

I got back Sunday night and yesterday my roommates and I grilled in the backyard with friends. I diligently applied sunscreen but somehow managed to miss my entire left arm (I did get the shoulder though). So now I have one red arm that stops right below my shoulder. Classy.

I've been happy with how my blood sugar has been throughout this all. It's always a challenge to travel, eating food you don't normally eat, or trying to find something, anything to eat while driving. I hate fast food (I recommend reading Fast Food Nation) so I tried to bring a bunch of food with me this time. It worked pretty well. I still had a couple spikes in my blood sugar into the low 200's after a couple strange meals, but was pretty good overall.

Kerri- Here is a top five list for your game:

Top five bands that are currently getting the most play on my iPod:
1. The Decemberists
2. Andrew Bird
3. Iron and Wine
4. The Hold Steady
5. Mountain Goats

Top five things that may lead people to believe I'm a bit crazy:
1. I don't really like ice cream.
2. Personal Bubble: If someone, anyone, touches me without me knowing they are going to, I flinch. Not just a little flinch, a BIG, shrinking away flinch accompanied by an angry glare. I blame this on my brother for snapping towels at me when we were growing up.
3. Frozen Liver Sticks: My mom used to feed these to my siblings and I when we were growing up. She claimed it helped with teething. When I tell people this they are so disgusted they think I'm lying. I never eat liver anymore.
4. I like going to the dentist because I love how clean my teeth feel afterwards.
5. I was in marching band in high school and really really liked it. I played the trumpet.

Most recent movie I've loved: Motorcycle Diaries
Most recent book I've loved: assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. (And anything by Augusten Burroughs!) Any book I read that's been written by her or David Sedaris, I can't help but read with their voices (in my head of course). I saw David Sedaris speak in Iowa City a few years ago and loved his voice.

Ah! That's it for now! I like that game!


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Sandra Miller said...

Welcome back!

So you like going to the dentist too, eh? Thought I was the only one who liked that "just cleaned" feeling.

And another Sedaris fan. Who has actually heard him live. You people are killin' me here.

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