Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nice Guy

We had some friends over last night for some drinks. One of my friends, Mike, is a type 1 and on the pump. He was diagnosed at age 6 and is now 25 I believe. When I was diagnosed my brother sent me his email (I didn't know him at the time). So we corresponded a little bit before I moved back to the Midwest. The first time I met him in person, he comes up to me and starts patting around my waist, finally landing his hand on my pump. Besides being shocked (I have a pretty big personal bubble), it really made me laugh and somehow feel included. Mike knew exactly where it was. He knew exactly what it was. That was so comforting.

Anyway, last night he apologized for not being able to hang out with us the past weekend. His parent's friends just found out that their young son (11ish I think)is a type 1 and Mike's parents offered to have him come over and have a 'diabetic dinner' together. So Mike was busy on a Friday night having a healthy dinner with a scared 11 year old, trying to show him that things would be fine. He's such a sweet guy.

What's strange when I hang out with him is that I hear his pump. The variety of beeps that my pump produces are ingrained in my head to make me react. *beep BEEP beep* Always brings me to attention. So to hear that noise when I'm not doing anything with my pump makes me nervous. And I always have to check to make sure it's not low battery/resevoir, pump failure etc. And then we smile in acknowledgement that we are the only two people in the room to even notice that noise, let alone react so immediately to it.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Violet said...

There is something very unique about spending time in the real world around other diabetics, particularly pump users, for me too. I've only done this via my pump support group, but it's been invaluable as an isolation buster. You're right, there are so many aspects of "the language" that only people who inhabit this world understand. And it is much, much better to know that one isn't alone.

I really love the image of your friend sharing his time with the newly dxed little guy. Sounds like a great fellow.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous AmyT said...

Man, sounds like you might want to marry him!

Besides that, I REALLY need to find some nice Type 1's in my neighborhood. Could use some real companionship!

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Kerri. said...

I actually work with two other women on insulin pumps. Makes for very interesting overheard conversations when one of them came up to my desk and the following conversation took place:

Other Girl: Hey Kerri. My site apparently was inserted wrong this morning because I tested and now I'm so high. I want to redo the site. Do you have an extra set?

Me: Sure. Do you need the insertion thingie?

Other Girl: That would be great. And yeah, I need the insertion thingie. I can't put it in myself.

[I rummage through my desk, open the Peppermint Bark tin, pull out an infusion set, insertion device, and an IV prep wipe, and hand them over to Other Girl.]

Me: Here.

Other Girl: Thanks. I can't wait to not be so high. And did you have a chance to run those TPS reports? I have to take a look at April's numbers...

And sometimes I wonder if we're the only people in the office who can get away with saying "And now I'm so high..." and not being fired.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Tekakwitha said...

Kerri - Your story made me laugh!

Violet & Amy - It is really great to know some type 1 pumpers. Especially my friend Mike... who is single! :)

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Our neighbor's daughter is on the pump and she's old enough to be a mother's helper, so she comes over often to help with the kids allowing me to acutally complete my chores. I told her I'm grooming her to be our official babysitter so that one day my husband and I can go out...alone!


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