Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Of many unrelated things

It's starting to get cool, finally. I'm leaving the window wide open at night to let my room get nice and chilly so I can enjoy my big comforter. It's cool enough to bake bread again and not worry about heating up the kitchen. It's cool enough to start my new hobby of brewing beer. I've read through the best home brewing guide around and purchased all my equipment last night. I shall brew on Thursday, with the phone handy to call my friend (and experienced homebrewer) at a moments notice. I'm also planning on re-teaching myself how to knit. I knew how to knit a few years ago but tried to start again recently and realized I can't even start a scarf. Oops. In short, it's time for my fall and winter hobbies, which I love. Have I mentioned autumn is my favorite season?

This Sunday I'll wake up much too early for the weekend but am looking forward to it. I'll be walking with my brother, roommate and a few other friends in the JDRF walk. I'll wear my pump like a little badge of honor. Or perseverance.

I've also met someone that I find very interesting. And he's interested in me. I'd call him the Boy, but seeing as he's 31 it seems a bit false. Seven years age difference? Never done that before. But this is fun. I might like this.

I'll be bringing my camera on the walk with me. If I get a good shot I'll share it on Monday.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Kerri. said...

Good luck at the walk, Tek. And get a good photo of The Man (does that work better?) so we can check him out and give raves of approval.

And I definitely think the pump is a badge of honor. Though I might be a small bit biased...

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

Have fun on the walk. I've been out of the loop. Who's the new man?


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