Thursday, September 01, 2005


I got home from work and checked my blood sugar: 106. I grab the gatorade from the fridge, drink enough to bring me up to 150, change clothes and head to the gym. I get on the bike which I know won't drop my blood sugar as fast or as drastic as the other elliptical machines. I'm on for 25 minutes and then I feel it. Oh shit, I'm dropping fast. I get off the bike and walk out the door. I walk the two blocks to my apartment where I sit on the floor and check my blood sugar: 52. I drink some juice and bring it up just fine, but still.

First off, why didn't I check my blood sugar while at the gym? I had my meter and glucose tabs in my bag. Luckily I made it home okay.

Second: Why did I drop like that? Is my body just not used to physical activity so any amount of it will make me drop fast? I imagine it has something to do with my sedentary life style for the past month or more.

Third: I never, EVER, imagined that I would miss the ability to go workout like crazy. To just go to the gym and burn all that extra energy I had and have a painfully long workout. Back when I was a ND (non-diabetic, thank you!), I never would have considered that to be something I would miss. But I do.

Ah well, I'll do better today. More carbohydrates and more using my brain if I'm low!


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