Friday, October 07, 2005

The Walk and Sad News

I went on the walk last Sunday with my brother and my roommate. Our walk site was right on the lake shore and it was a beautiful day for it. Lots of people there, many with matching t-shirts. The walk itself was pretty short (7k) but I enjoyed seeing all those people walking for the same cause, talking the same language. While passing a snack station filled with water, nuts and jelly beans, I over heard a girl talking to her friend.

Girl 1: Oh look! They have sugar free jelly beans! How perfect!

Girl 2: But what if someone goes low?!

It was priceless. Surrounded by all these people with the same thoughts and concerns as myself.

The day after the walk I got an email from my parents. A couple from church have a 2 year old boy that was just diagnosed a week ago. I don't know the family at all but it really hit me hard. When I was diagnosed my doctor gave my name and number to another type 1 in my area (I was in a small town in Arizona at the time) who was my age as well. She stopped by my house shortly after with a gift. It was a stuffed bear named Rufus along with a book about him and type 1 diabetes. It was a child's book but I was really touched. I sent Rufus and my book, along with a note, to my parents' friends for their son. I'm 'healthy' now so I've no need for him, but I imagine that little boy will like him. I also sent a few links to some great blogs by parents of type 1s and recommended they joint a support group asap. I just want to tell them that it'll just get better from here on out. Now they know what is wrong with him and can get him healthy, granted with a lot of hard work. But still, it gets better.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger Sandra Miller said...


Glad the walk went well-- my favorite place for walking, too, along that lake shore...
Thank you for doing this.

I think it's hardest to hear of the very young ones. 2-years old. God! I hate imagining those little ones getting shots from their parents-- the people they trust most in the world. And not knowing why these people who love them, are hurting them. Damn disease.

It is wonderful, though, that you've reached out to that family. When Joseph was diagnosed, whenever someone with diabetes, or the parent of a diabetic, took the time to connect with us -- to share some experience, resource, or to just listen -- it was huge.

It was (and still is) a lifeline.

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous terrilynn said...

I feel so bad for that family. Liam was not yet 3 when he was diagnosed and I look back on those early days when we were just learning and I wonder how we made it through. Talking to other parents really did help (and still does).


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