Friday, October 07, 2005

The Walk and Sad News

I went on the walk last Sunday with my brother and my roommate. Our walk site was right on the lake shore and it was a beautiful day for it. Lots of people there, many with matching t-shirts. The walk itself was pretty short (7k) but I enjoyed seeing all those people walking for the same cause, talking the same language. While passing a snack station filled with water, nuts and jelly beans, I over heard a girl talking to her friend.

Girl 1: Oh look! They have sugar free jelly beans! How perfect!

Girl 2: But what if someone goes low?!

It was priceless. Surrounded by all these people with the same thoughts and concerns as myself.

The day after the walk I got an email from my parents. A couple from church have a 2 year old boy that was just diagnosed a week ago. I don't know the family at all but it really hit me hard. When I was diagnosed my doctor gave my name and number to another type 1 in my area (I was in a small town in Arizona at the time) who was my age as well. She stopped by my house shortly after with a gift. It was a stuffed bear named Rufus along with a book about him and type 1 diabetes. It was a child's book but I was really touched. I sent Rufus and my book, along with a note, to my parents' friends for their son. I'm 'healthy' now so I've no need for him, but I imagine that little boy will like him. I also sent a few links to some great blogs by parents of type 1s and recommended they joint a support group asap. I just want to tell them that it'll just get better from here on out. Now they know what is wrong with him and can get him healthy, granted with a lot of hard work. But still, it gets better.


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