Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Focusing on the pump

I arrived at the focus group yesterday to realize that it was a one on one interview, as opposed to a group. So I sat down with this man who obviously does focus groups for a living and doesn't have a very firm grip on diabetes and insulin pumps. Be he started explaining (reading from the script) that he would be showing me a new insulin pump, asking me how I felt about it and showing me how to use it.

It's very similar to the pump that Amy talked about on It's small pump that holds the insulin and connects right on your skin (no tubing). It is controlled by a handheld BG monitor/pump computer. I think that was my favorite part. Everything was very interesting and impressive, but it was hard for me to imagine wearing something that size (even though it is small) on my body. I guess people getting on the pump have that issue with the tubing as well. I just imagine myself having a lot of annoyance with finding shirts to wear and making it comfortable.

I finished up the interview in 90 minutes and gave all my worldly opinions and then he gave me $100. Yes, thank you, I'll do your focus groups anytime! One thing that annoyed me was that I couldn't figure out what brand it was. I know they do that on purpose, but I tried to find it online today and haven't found it yet. It's not the exact same one that Amy has linked to. Pretty cool stuff they are creating though. I can't imagine I'll be buying a new pump anytime soon though. I need to pay this one off first...


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Katth said...

It's the Omnipod right?

I've gone through their website, and I'll keep my Animas 1250, tubing and Inset sets and be very happy.

They can have it. I'm not tiny and I can't imagine fitting it on my body.

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Tekakwitha said...

Actually, no. It's similar but it's different. I looked at the omnipod after the focus group and there are several differences (mostly in shape and design). So I don't know what brand it is! Someone's trying to catch of to Omnipod I bet. :)

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Tiffany said...

That is way cool tekakwitha! (OK I have to ask here, what's the meaning behind your nick??)

How large was the pump, say in relation to an infusion site? And how do I get hooked up with a focus group like that lol?

Thanks for the great review and post!

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Tekakwitha said...


I would check out to see a pump similar to the one I saw. It was about two inches wide, 1 inch thick I'd say. big enough to show under normal shirts I think.

I'm named after a native american catholic saint. Tekakwitha is the second part of the name. My real name is the first part. (Google it!)

I find focus groups on a website here. Not sure where you could find one in your city. They are fun though!

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At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omnipod fits active 67 year old male who enjoys biking,swiming, hiking, biking and eating out at times convenient to my schedule.

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thinking about the omnipod, I currently have an old minimed 508 and very often it says NO DELIVERY...... any thoughts on the omnipod it looks great


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